Free Boston Terrier Printable April 2020 Calendar

Hi everyone! This is a weird time with the COVID 19 and everything. However, with my university classes being online now and I am stuck at home, the days seem to be blending in together, I have created an April calendar to help me stay organized. I hope you enjoy this calendar and download it too!

Turn Any Doodle Into a Digital Illustration Masterpiece

Hey crafters! I’m going to show you how to turn any doodle into a digital illustration masterpiece. It’s simple, easy and very useful! You can use these illustrations to create a logo, make art or spruce up a website or presentation!

★Step 1★

Create your artwork on white printer paper. When making your doodle. remember, black silhouettes work best. Try to limit detail as much as possible, and don’t use any colors.

★Step 2★

Download the Adobe Capture app on your phone. Using the built-in camera, take a picture of your artwork. Make sure to adjust the slider for the best possible image. For more help, here is a video by Adobe Creative Cloud explaining Adobe CC!

Adobe Capture App Icon

★Step 3★

Crop your image and turn on “smoothing.” You can now use your artwork in Adobe Illustrator by sending it directly to your Adobe account. If you do not have adobe or prefer to use something else. You can mail the artwork to yourself and edit the image with any app your heart desires. My Microsoft Surface Pro has an app called “Paint 3D.” I love it!

★Step 4★

Export your art and let the magic happen… 😉 “Clean up” the artwork, if you would like. If you’re using, Adobe Illustrator, Try selecting your object with the Direct Selection tool and adjust the shape using the Curvature Tool.

Adobe Illustrator

★Step 5★

Now, select your artwork and open the Properties panel (Windows → Properties). Here you can add Fill Color, Stroke and more effects. Get creative with your design , be adventurous, and most importantly, have fun!

Remember to save your art. Feel free to print it out and frame it! Maybe you’ll even share it on social media! After all, it is your masterpiece. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial. Feel free to follow me on Instagram for more of my art projects: @hugsnqueso!

DIY: Jewelry Holder with Clay

I love buying quirky jewelry bowls because I love to display my rings by my night stand. But this time, I wanted to make my very own! I decided to use clay from the Crayola brand. It was super easy to use and took less than 24 hours to dry. Watch the video below to get a glimpse of the creative process, or keep reading the steps and tips below! 🙂

Step One

Grab a handful of clay, and roll it up into a ball. You’ll want to use a rolling pin (or your hands if you don’t have one) to spread out the clay on a cutting board.

Step Two

Once your clay is spread evenly out (and is still thick), cut out the shape you want! I cut out a monstera leaf and an additional circle to make two jewelry bowls.

Step Three

Use a bowl or small cup to place your clay on. This will help mold your clay into the “bowl” shape you need for your jewelry holder. Let your clay dry. Wait about 24 hours.

Step Four

After your clay has dried, paint your creation to your heart’s content! Let the paint dry— voila! Your clay is ready to hold your finest rings now!