10 reasons to go to Ivar’s River Pub in San Marcos, Texas, right now

10. The view

Ivar’s River Pub’s backyard might very well be the best view in San Marcos. The restaurant’s outdoor patio overlooks the beautiful San Marcos River. During the day, you can watch the sunlight’s reflection dazzle on the cool river’s water. At sunset, feast your eyes on the warm orange and red tones that take over the wide Texas sky. Then at night, watch carefully as you see bunches of lightning bugs dance above the water in moonlight.

9. Their awesome events

This place offers awesome events during the week. For example, On Mondays, stop by and hang out with your reptilian friends through the educational group “Homies with Scales.” A lot of people are scared of reptiles such as snakes (I know I was), but this group offers a fun approach to properly educate kids and adults on reptile encounters for San Marcos and surrounding areas.

8. Epic live music


One of the best things about San Marcos is that you can listen to live music on any night of the week. However, if you’re going to listen to live music in town, I highly recommend Ivar’s. It has a rocking outdoor venue where you can be served by the best staff in town while also getting your jam on by the river.

7. Furry friends are welcomed

Ivar’s has an area known as their “garden area” that offers full service for ALL their customers (even the ones with furry paws), This is an awesome spot that overlooks the river, and it will accommodate all your pets’ needs.

6. It’s the best place to watch sports


If you’re a big sports fanatic, then this is the place for you. This place is fully equipped with large T.V.s, beer, and the best nachos in town.

5. It’s the best place for people watching

The restaurant has the best people watching because of all the tubers, kayakers and swimmers in the river. Also, there is a very small waterfall in view where you can watch “brave souls” gleefully splash down or the clumsier tubers totally wipe out.

4. Amazing drinks


Ivar’s offers an array of beers, wines, and signature cocktails.  There’s a variety of local beers coming from our Austin and San Antonio corridor (Perks of being in between both major cities). They have a wide, wonderful selection of wines from the Texas hill country. Their signature drinks are so good!!! If you’re into Bloody Marys, ask Lindsey to make you one. She will hook you up with an amazing drink.

3. The people who work there

You will never meet a more friendly staff. These people are truly wonderful. They are fast, knowledgeable, personable, and downright charming. You can infer that they are not just workers, but, they act like they are family. I think that’s one of the greatest benefits about coming to Ivar’s River Pub. You walk in and immediately feel accepted. You know they are going to take care of you.

Ivars fam

2. The food

Ivar’s food is what I would call southern comfort food; their food is inspired by Cajun cuisines. Also, they have AMAZING BBQ which is very important to Texans like me. I would even go as far to say that they offer one of the best burgers in town. Mmm… I’m hungry as I type this.

1. Because Ivar said so

Ivar’s River Pub was named after Ivar Gunnarson. When you enter the restaurant, you will notice black and white photos of Ivar upon the walls. Ivar, a Canadian WWII pilot, businessman and family man, opened up the San Marcos River Pub in 1996. Ivar’s restaurant remained an awesome place to eat and hang out for San Marcos locals, Texas State University college kids, and his family for 17 years. Ivar passed away in 2007, and his family renovated and reopened the restaurant– but this time as “Ivar’s River Pub” to pay homage to Mr. Gunnarson.

For more information about Ivar’s River Pub, visit http://www.riverpubtx.com or follow them on social media. Instagram: @ivarsriverpubtx. 

701 Cheatham Street
​San Marcos TX 78666


Author: Emilee Hall

Emilee Hall is a freelance illustrator and content creator. She has acquired a BS in Public Relations and Mass Communication from Texas State University. In her free time, Emilee loves to dance funky at concerts and eat hot dogs at sporting events.

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